I've visited this store before because it is so close to my work place but I hadn't called them for a service call until yesterday. My husband and I just
moved into a new apartment and we needed to completely change out the locks on our front door. We called the store and made an appointment
with Artur to come out and change the locks. He was so nice, and patient with me. I had so many questions and he was able to answer them all. He
installed a new type of lock that lets me open the door from the inside even if it's locked and this is so useful for me! Great customer service and I
can't wait to visit them again!

I have a 63 Chevy truck that did not come with keys for the door. I need to be able to lock my truck so I was ready to pay a lot. I called and was told if
I bring the handles in, it would cost $55 to $60 and would only take a few hours. I brought them in at 9:30 on Saturday and my wife picked them up at
3pm. It was $55 just like they said and they work great. Oh ya, when I called they said their hours on Sat were 10 to 4. I went early to see if I could
catch them on the way in since I was on my lunch. He had opened early. That was AWESOME!


great locksmith, made me a key that no one could make properly, it was a locker key, i went through 5 locksmiths and all of them made them wrong,
this guy knows what he is doing, highly recommend

Very happy with the service, Reliable guys

I called to see if they made a specific key I needed and a nice man answered to explain "yes" they do, but that they were closing already at 6:00 pm.
Before I could hang up, he asked me my location so he could wait for another 20 minutes.
I was there 6:15pm and the door was closed but they were inside waiting for me. He opened the door and let me in.
I didn't know people still did nice things like that! I have never been in a store like this. They had a big showroom, a lot of locks and safes that you
can't find at Home Depot, Lowe's or Osh, and very big variety of key blanks. I have to come back during business hours to see everything that they
have in detail. I am sure I will find a lot of things that I was looking for for a long time.

I been using this place for the last 3 years and very happy with the service and knowledge.
This week I was in the store because I need to fix a broken lock on a antique chest. The son helped me to move the heavy chest in to the store and
the father was very helpful and knowledgeable about the work. Even though they put long time working on this problem, end of the day they did not
charge me anything because it was not worth for me to fix the lock.
I am very happy with the honesty  and professionalism they showed.

My husband found this shop in the yellowpages when we needed to have all our locks rekeyed after losing our keys.
We are so happy that we found this place!!!

Arthur came over to our house about an hour after we called him and he was so respectful and truly wanted to provide us with the best customer

He changed all our locks and even made a few of them open with the same key, which we had been wanting done for a while.

The prices were great and definitely worth it.
We feel a lot safer now that all our locks have been changed, and we can truly go to bed without having to worry that our keys had been lost.

We will most definitely go back to them for all of our locksmith needs!! And it is so convenient that they are not just a locksmith shop on wheels,
but they have the store where we can go to whenever we need anything.

Thanks so much Arthur!!!!

Somehow my wife found this place, and we're glad she did.

our home had a bunch of rickety 70s era locks inside and out. the doors barely closed, and the door to our garage had to be held in place because
of bad installation. many of the plates had, for some reason, been painted over, which looks terrible. the door to our patio had a lock with a key
basically fused in place.

Arthur came over and in a few hours had installed new locks on every door, fixed all the problems we had, and rekeyed everything to a single key so
we'll never have to remember which key goes to which door. and now the interior doors are babyproofed (the old ones had that little button you can
pop to lock the door, but we didn't have the key to open it if our soon to be toddler accidentally bumped it).

all that is service you can get anywhere, but the distinction for me was his friendliness and attention to detail. he explained it all, and checked with
me while in the house to make sure he was doing exactly what we wanted. and when he had to shave the top of a door to make it close better, he
covered the furniture. I have no clue if we paid more or less, or if we could have bargained the price down a bit, but I am happy with the job and the

1 check-in
For so many years.  Helpful and friendly.


I read the reviews below and found the negative ones to be particularly nasty and personal, so I decided to give them a shot when my door lock
broke. Arthur came over immediately. The lock wasn't salvageable. He installed a new one. He was courteous and efficient and the price was
reasonable. I would recommend.

Great customer service. Found this place on yelp needed a car key and they were more than happy to help. Answered all my questions and i
strongly recommend this place. !

My Toyota Scion key broke.  I purchased one online containing a transponder, which, supposedly, could be programmed and cut for the car.  Thank
goodness for Artur's explanation to me.  He said he could program it, but it would only start the car.  The other key functions would not work.  The
online key seller did not disclose that information.  I purchased a blank key from Elie's.  Artur removed the transponder from my old key, put it in the
blank I bought from him (which was very fairly priced) and cut the key.  It is perfect.  This saved me much money.  I highly recommend Elie's.  They
are fair, honest and very helpful!


Quick and fast service.  I needed a key copied, and Home Depot didn't have this particular key style.  Price was greater than elsewhere, but
reasonable considering it was not a traditional Kwikset key.  Only frustration is their arbitrary policy on only using credit cards for purchases over
$10, a clear violation of Credit Card Regulations.  Other than that, very very fast service.

Fast and great service. I needed a locks changed.. Made a call.. In about few hour I had both locks changed and new keys aquired. Great service,
great prices, and great timing. Highly recommend this place to everyone. Thank you for great service and recommendation.

I went in today (7/9/2014) and had two keys made. One was for my vehicle (I supplied the key) and one for my house. I didn't have the ability to
check either key, just trusted they would work. My car wasn't there (rode with a friend). Both keys worked flawlessly! I've had several keys made at
various places and many of them felt terrible in the locks. It was a very pleasant surprise to have effortless motion with the keys from Elies. I will
definitely recommend them!

Thank you so much! It's not often you can sit and think: I'm so glad I went there!

Previous review We had a problem with our locks. Elies Lock was very professional. Came and tooks care of the locks and took the time to explain
us and to prevent future problems. The cost was reasonable compared to others, but their service was top quality. Thanks guys!!!

Great service as in the past. I went there to have keys made. The guys were great. Cut me key and gave me consultation.

They really took care of my camaro keys without any problems, with the cheapest price.... Just come to this locksmith with no worries

This key shop is soooo honest and friendly as it gets not trying to up sale you like other shop when I called around(pos). Good work guys you guys
are awesome I'd give them 10 stars if there's extra 5stars. This shop is clean and get right to work, they don't mess around they get shit done,  the
best in the valley and cheap out beat others foshodo.

What a pleasure it was to have a technician (I think it was Arthur) give me a complete estimate over the phone based on what I described the
problem to be. He arrived at my house within 15 minutes and had the repair with a part replacement done in another 15 minutes - all for the original
price quoted; no surprises and no hidden scams. The service fee was a bit higher than what others quoted, but ultimately my invoice ended up less
than half of what my other on-site (lower service fee) estimate had quoted, and did not get the work. I appreciate honesty and integrity; with loyalty -
Elie's is my "Go To" for locksmiths! Thank You

I have visited here often and just recently had Artur in to change the locks on my front door. They are so nice and helpful, and very patient with my
never ending questions. Great customer service, and quality work!! Thanks so much you guys!!

A great one stop shop. Called the shop before I stopped by, they picked up right away and had appropriate answers to all my questions. I needed a
mailbox key and a garage key made and almost all the big name hardware stores said they don't do those kinds of keys.. Elie's basically said over
the phone that they need to see the key first and then they will know if they have that blank in stock or not.

I went in with my two keys. They took a look and made replicas of each. The garage key is old fashioned, from a Chicago company, Elie's charged
7.95 for that little guy before tax. The mailbox key was 3.95. I thought the prices were on the higher side, however it was all worth it. They had what I
needed, made the keys on the spot and I was out of there in under ten minutes.

Parking is plentiful, but it's a little annoying that the San Carlo patrons like to literally just stop and park on the side even though there are plenty of
open parking spaces just steps away from the shop.

Elie's also does home lock stuff, they have a mobile operation and can drive to you wherever you need to be serviced, they also take care of cars
too. Just call them if you have any questions.

Great family owned business with everything you need. Will always go back and support the
. Thank you for your hospitality too!

If you need a Lock and Key service this is the place. Family run business with fantastic customer service too! Arthur, was right on time, quick and
friendly! I  will use them again.
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